Express Nursing

Why ENA?

At ENA we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service, our clients and nurses come first. With over 10 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, we are able to provide a wide range of jobs that allow our nurses flexibility, competitive rates paid weekly into their bank accounts and referral bonuses. We’re also in the process of creating an Incentive Program that rewards all nurses for all of their ongoing hard work!


  • NursesWhen you work for Express Nursing Agency you are part of our family
  • SkillWe provide you with ongoing training to further develop your skills
  • RatesWe offer competitive rates paid weekly
  • RewardsComing SoonIncentive Rewards Program


Gavin - CNS

"I have been a registered nurse for nearly three decades now, working in fields as diverse as ED, OT, ICU, Education, Community, Aboriginal Health and Remote Area Nursing. Since joining the ENA team I have discovered a great work-life balance in nursing.

In becoming an ENA team member I have discovered a whole new field of nursing that admittedly I knew very little about, working in Justice Health has reinvigorated my passion for this career and has been an immensely rewarding experience.

If you are a nurse looking for a new professional stimulus then I am very happy to suggest talking to Jo and indeed any of the staff at ENA. They will treat you with a level of respect that is often lacking in our workforce, believe me it is utterly refreshing to experience. Your skills as a nurse are highly valued at ENA, in fact they are a commodity that most nurses themselves undervalue but when you do join up you will see where they can take you, there is a huge shortage of nurses across the board in public or private hospitals, in the community, as it turns out even in the prison system and they are in desperate need of competent practitioners. Go on, take that first step, give Express Nursing Agency a call and start a new and exciting professional experience in nursing. Besides roster servitude what else have you got to lose?"


Paul – CNS

I joined Express as I was not satisfied with the previous agency I worked for. I have found the variety of work at Express interesting, and the pay very competitive. Above all it's the communication that I have found most satisfying. The girls are always available, and great support when needed!

Alvin – AIN

I joined Express Nursing Agency 4 years ago and have shared happy, caring and positive experiences. Express Nursing Agency management are supportive and caring and offer Competitive rates. The recruitment managers have lots of experience and knowledge to recruit nursing staff according to their company motto "Our staff your best staff"